We provide traditional funerals, cremations and memorial services as well as help families make pre-need arrangements with payment options. Our funeral directors and staff seek to lighten the burden by offering administrative assistance with insurance claims, pensions, social security and any other paper work we may aid with.

To make pre-need discussions as easy and convenient as possible, we often schedule appointments with families in the comfort of their homes. Our funeral home staff understands the importance of planning a funeral service to commemorate and honor the life of your loved one.

Our services include:

Pre-Need Burial Arrangements

Pre-arranging a funeral alleviates some emotional stress from your spouse, children or relatives. Often, it is easier for you to plan what type of service you would prefer. You are most likely to know the facts about your biographical information. Pre-planning provides an opportunity for your decisions to be discussed with your spouse, children or extended family in normal, everyday conversations, instead of a situation with emotional duress. Pre arranging a funeral removes the question “What would they want?”

Traditional Burial

Traditional Burial

There are many funeral service options available to families who select burial as the final disposition of their loved one. A traditional funeral service consists of a time for a private or public viewing of the deceased, a funeral service, either at a church or the funeral home, to remember and honor them, followed by a procession to the cemetery for a chapel or graveside ceremony to formally say goodbye. Within this framework, there are numerous variations by which to specifically tailor a funeral service to respect the wishes of the decedent and their family. There are several packages at our funeral home for one to select from, or we can customize a service to the specific requests that one may have.

Funeral Cost

People often wonder, “How do I figure out how much my burial expenses will be?”

Below are common items and services that, if elected, will factor into your costs. Please contact us for current pricing, (724) 375-0496.

  • The Service Charge of funeral director. Often this may be in a package that you can select from our funeral home.
  • A Casket
  • A Vault or Outside Container (Often required by Cemetery)
  • Cemetery Plot, Mausoleum or Niche for Cremation
  • Opening and Closing of the above listed items at the Cemetery
  • Clothing
  • Flowers
  • Transportation if out of state or local area
  • Church
  • Organist
  • Clergy
  • Obituaries (Pictures in the newspapers are often an additional charge)
  • Death Certificates
  • Funeral Luncheon



People often wonder about casket prices and how they are determined.

Caskets can be defined using four categories

Outside Construction: Solid bronze, solid copper, stainless steel, steel and wood.

Workmanship: Hand-made interiors, round corners, custom stitching, etc.

Fabric: Velvet, crepe, or twill.

Features: Gasketed (sealed), non-gasketed (non-sealed), hardware design, and the shell of the casket.

All of these items will determine how much you pay for a casket.


A vault is often an item that is required by the cemetery. A vault is a protective container for the casket. Vaults are not a funeral home requirement.

The vault price is usually determined by whether it is a gasketed (sealed) or non-gasketed (non-sealed) vault. Vaults are normally constructed from concrete. Some may be made of steel, copper or stainless steel. Concrete vaults are also available with vinyl, copper, stainless steel, and marble liners in them.


Cremation is an increasingly appealing method of disposition. In most cases, cremation is pre-chosen or prearranged. There are different types of cremation services to accommodate most requests. People often inquire if they can have visitation if they are being cremated, the answer is Yes. Cremation may include going to a church if that is requested. Some people select to be cremated and then have visitation at the funeral home with the cremated body in an urn or cremation container. This type of service is referred to a Memorial Service.

Veteran Funerals

Veteran Funerals 

Anthony Mastrofrancesco Funeral Home, Inc. is proud to honor our United States Veterans. We are able to assist with burial in National Cemeteries, arranging a Military Service at the Cemetery, obtaining a flag for the family in honor of their loved, allowance for a headstone or grave marker, free death certificates and any military benefits to which the surviving spouse or children may be entitled.

Deaths Away From Home 

What if a death occurs away from home? What should you do first?

Call Anthony Mastrofrancesco Funeral Home, Inc., (724) 375-0496. We are there to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can coordinate with a funeral director where ever you are and make arrangements to remove the deceased from their place of death and begin facilitating ALL the arrangements that need to be done to bring your loved one back to Pennsylvania.

Bereavement & Support Resources

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