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E nduring dignity and gentle compassion. Reassuring peace of mind and trust. Adherence to the highest standards and integrity. With your experienced team of highly caring professionals at Anthony Mastrofrancesco Funeral Home, Inc. in Aliquippa, bereaved families experience these values and much more.

Since 1973, families, friends and neighbors have gathered here to share memories and commemorate the life and death of their loved ones. Love always endures by everyone’s presence, deeply enshrined in their hearts,
and prayerful thoughts provide an environment of love, support, comfort
and hope.

Helping to ease a grieving family’s burden, during what can be a highly emotional and stressful time, is our highest calling.

This is a
Funeral Home

Families, relatives, friends and neighbors gather here to commemorate the life and death of a loved one. Many are reunited, and memories – some sad, some joyful – are enshrined in their hearts, but most of all, love prevails simply by your presence. Your commemorative gifts take many forms, but most importantly your prayerful thoughts and your being here provide love, support, comfort and hope to the bereaved family. Our funeral home and its caring staff are here to serve you, as we would be served, during this period in which God has called your loved one home for eternal rest.
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